Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rating Game Redux (20): EAT

This may be about as far as I'll ever travel from "an autobiographical film journal," but the compleatist in me urges I present this latest list I thrown together for our local paper. And while I will admit I wanted to write only about Rachel Ray, losing myself in a dreamy fog of cooking steam, contemplating how a woman who talks out of the corner of her mouth like Eddie G. can so captivate--nay, enthrall--one's attention, until all that remains is the lingering waft of sweet garlic and the quiet burble of brimming saucepans ...

Where was I? Oh, yeah: Best TV Cooking Shows.

Good Eats
Alton Brown approaches the culinary arts like a High Camp OCD sufferer with a deep commitment to cotton-ball molecular models and a Zealot’s conviction that boiling water deserves as much attention as a standing rib roast.

The French Chef
While some might argue Dan Aykroyd’s Saturday Night Live parody would suffice, nothing beats a solid half-hour with the twittering, chicken-dropping, joyous bluster of the original celebrity cook.

Emeril Live
I know, I know: Rachel Ray is cuter. But Emeril’s “food of love” crusade convinced us that food has feelings, too—even if, every once in a while, you have to BAM! it into submission.

By the way, did I mention Rachel Ray? I can't quite recall. You know who I mean? Has a couple cooking shows? Travels, spends some $40 or so, cooks in 30 minutes, and so on? Rachel Ray, right? You know. Don't you?

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