Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rating Game Redux (24): I've Seen All Good Logos

Here's another list I submitted to our local paper that has nothing to do with film--and I think I'll stop apologizing. No one's reading, anyway--and that is not a plea for attention, but feel free. Besides, it was fun writing about "Best Band Logos."


Roger Dean, who also illustrated most of the band’s albums, designed a flowing, chunky, yin-yang-y lower-case logo that perfectly captured the bright-speck-in-a-big-universe vibe of the quintessential ‘70s art-rock band.

The Who

The target, perfect for a bull’s-eye band dead-on stuttering about their generation, part mod, part rocker—with that arrow shooting straight up, big and bouncy. And the simple lettering, evocative of The Beatles’ formal font, as if something were being passed along, from one magic bus to another.

The Cramps

Drippy monster-letters evoke The Cramps’ late-night blue-glow punkabilly jitters. No more disco, no more pogo, just the thump and gurgle of “bad music for bad people.”

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